In the beginning, the early 16th, century, the town was made up of two settlements, one south of the river, and another settlement north of the river. These two settlements had their own Headman or “cabeza”. It is hold that in the south, there was a young woman by the name ARING who was the daughter of the Headman. And in the north was a young man named Ayong (Larry in modern times) who was the son also of a Headman.

There was no courtship during those times. But it happened once a day that Ayong saw the beautiful daughter of the Headman of the south while the young woman was taking a bath in the river. In a short time by means of messengers, the two got acquainted during the feast celebrated in the South. And the two were smitten with love.

The two lovers secretly met at dusk in the river, each riding his or her boat. Their meetings had to be secret because their respective parents did not see eye to eye on certain matters pertaining to their respective settlements and people. And one day, Aring and Ayong agreed to rendezvous at the river bend east to their settlements at the next New Moon, to plan their elopement and marriage.

Just as Aring was turning south towards their house and Ayong bidding her loved one goodbye and goodnightm the swelling headwaters as came rushing and turned Aring’s boat upside down causing Aring to jump into the swollen water. Ayong saw her, but was unable to do Anything but to shout “ARING-AY-ARING”. And then, Ayong jumped into the water to save Aring. He brought Aring to her house just as the people along the river bank came out of their house to find out what happened.

The headman of the south came out of witness the happy event. To the shouts of his own and grateful people, the headman announced that now he was giving permission to his daughter to become the wife of Ayong and that preparations will start for the forthcoming feast.

And so at dusk on that fateful day, although the weather seemed not to be in their favor, Aring and Ayong took to their respective little boats and slowly paddled upstream to the bend of the river. Soon darkness fell, but the lovers, enjoying each other’s company did not mind the shower that was to turn into rain. In a short time, the rain fell in torrents and they decided to return home.

Sensing that there was something unusual happening in the South settlement, the Headman of the North and his men crossed river to find out what was the matter. And as soon as he reached ashore, he was met by the Headman of the South together with Aring and Ayong. The story of how Ayong saved Aring from the certain death due to the swollen river overjoyed him and then and there announced to all the people that he too was giving permission for his son to marry Aring. And the two Headman agreed to join their settlements to become one to be called ARINGAY in honor of their children.