A turnover ceremony was conducted at the Aringay Amphitheater on June 30, 2022 at 9:00AM. In attendance were Municipal Officials, Barangay Officials, Heads of Municipal Departments and Chief of Offices and several guests from different government agencies. The ceremony was also graced by Vice-Mayor Elect Isabel D. Diaz who gave a tribute to the outgoing Mayor Eric O. Sibuma and gave her wholehearted support to the new administration.

The ceremonial turn-over was started after the customary Doxology, singing of the Pambansang Awit ng Pilipinas, La Union Hymn and the Aringay Hymn was played through an Audio-Visual Presentation. The Opening remarks was done by MLGOO-Krishan Faye Biason with the delivery of the Rationale of Turn-Overs.

The event was a simple but a meaningful turnover ceremony where Mayor Benjamin Sibuma spoke of his vision for the Municipality of Aringay. He stressed that with leadership, growth, continuity and unity from the administration and cooperation and support from the people, progress can be achieved for our Municipality.

The turnover ceremony was rendered nostalgic with the performance of the Angklung Cultural Group of the Aringay National High School. After Miss Sandra Divina C. De Vera who acted as the Master of Ceremony, closed the turnover ceremony program, an audio-visual presentation entitled “Pasasalamat” was presented as a way of giving thanks and bid farewell to the outgoing Mayor Eric Sibuma.