The last elections ushered new members to the Municipal Tourism Culture and the Arts Council for 2019-2022. Appointed as Vice-Chairperson is still Dr. Rolando Q. Mallari and the Secretary remains to be Ms. Sandra Divina C. De Vera, the Municipal Tourism and Cultural Heritage Officer Designate. The new regular members of the Council are the following:

Hon. Lorma L. Sibuma – President Liga ng mga Barangay

Mr. Edelito D. Gajo – Acting MPD0

Mr. Benjamin Magno – Municipal Agricultural Officer

Hon. Josephine Dacanay – Chairman Committee on Tourism and Cultural Heritage

Hon. Ramsey Pascual D. Mangaoang – Chairman Committee on Agriculture and Aquatic Resources

Ms. Krishan Faye G. Biason – Municipal  Local Government Operations Officer

Ms. Charito S. Yu – Business Sector Representative

Mr. Shyr Ampaguey – Hotel and Resort Officer

Dr. Flora B. Dulay – Aringay Development Coordinating Team Representative

Mr. Ruperto Dulay – Farmer’s Associations Representative

Ms. Luzviminda Edna Cacanindin – Representative from the Cooperatives

Mr. Ramil Estoesta – LGBT Representative

Mr. Robert Torcedo – Local Historian/Heritage Group Representative

Mr. Cecilio Mercado – Alumni Organization Representative

Mr. Maurito Cabalbag – Aringay Riders’ Club Representative

Fr. Frederick Ferrer or Religious Sector

Mr. Andres Ninobla – Representative from Fisheries Sector

Ms. Helen Rulloda – Representative of the Handicraft Sector

The composition of the new council adheres to the 60% representation of the private sector while 40% comes from the Municipal government.

A Technical Working Group is selected to assist the regular members of the Council and they are as follows:

Ms. Elvira Pajo – Municipal Budget of Officer

Engr. Marikon E. Mangaoang – Municipal Engineer

Dr. Armando P. Avena – Municipal Health Officer

Engr. Nemesio M. Frigillana _ Municipal Assessor

Ms. Julie San Andres – President, La Union Women’s Inc.

Ms. Laida G. Rico  – Municipal Civil Registrar

Ms. Teresita D. Wong – Municipal Social Welfare Officer

Mr. Marko Augustus Estimo -Municipal Tourism Staff

Mr. Mario P. Pascua – Public School District Supervisor

Ms. Adela C. Libunao – Public/Private Secondary School Coordinator

Mr. Dominador Espejo -Representative from Transportation Sector

Mr. Edward Dacanay – Representative from Tourist Guide Sector

Ms. Simonette Cartas – Representative from Arts and Cultural Groups

Mr. Richard Uychoco – Representative from Photography and Videography

PCPT. Gerardo G. Macaraeg Jr. – Chief of Police

PO3 Jay-R C. Martinez – Philippine Coastguard Representative

PLTCOL. Ricky P. Neron – Regional Trainining Center 1 Director.

The new MTCAC Regular members had their organizational meeting last September 18, 2019 and went to work at once.